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If you stay in the port of Biarritz, have fun surfing !!!

During your stay in Biarritz, if there is a place you must visit, it is the port of the city. With its beautiful beach with calm waters, the Port Vieux offers you the opportunity to enjoy the sea in peace and admire the local sights.

The right place for families and children

The Port Vieux beach is an ideal beach for families and children. Its special situation places it in the shelter of the violent winds and therefore of the waves. Indeed, the beach of Port Vieux is located in a sort of horseshoe formed by a rocky cove, of which the famous Rocher de la Vierge. This makes it an ideal place for swimming. You can swim in calm and shallow waters throughout the year. That’s why the Port Vieux beach is the perfect place to introduce the younger ones to swimming and other water sports.

Moreover, it is also the favorite spot of the White Bears. This group of local swimmers is a real attraction for tourists. These swimmers who brave the coastal waters at all times and throughout the year are also there to teach you the safety rules related to this water point.

Go offshore to enjoy good waves

If the Port Vieux beach is not ideal for surfers, they can nevertheless enjoy the waves that are in the open sea. Find a surfboard hire biarritz, take a board and surf on one of the quietest spots in the city. It will be an opportunity for you to have fun and introduce yourself to this sport.

On the other hand, be aware because the waves can be very impetuous off Port Vieux. The apparent calm of the beach gives way to a rather wild and unpredictable sea. Caution is therefore advisable, as the reefs and other rocks are not far. If surfing is too dangerous for you, you can come back on the beach and enjoy warm and calm waters, and above all, the awesome view of this basque city.

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